Ponies at home


I love it. I have been away for a few days and have come back in the rain. This evening I let the ponies into some growing again grass and it is enough. Just that simple act grounds and refreshes me once again. That sense of time expanding that I always get in their presence returns; rush recedes.



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4 responses to “Ponies at home

  1. June

    That’s true – they make time expand. And afterwards too, when you’re not with them, you can think about the time you spent with them, and the effect continues. But you have to get a fix at least every couple of days, I find, or the effect wears off – do you find the same thing?

  2. We had some rain over the past week and ours are transitioning back to the front field as of yesterday – I can’t even describe (but don’t need to, as you know already) my immense pleasure in watching them parade into the front and then explore all the different areas of grass, which must have different tastes to them, else why would they make such a production of going from one end to the far other end, taking samples along the way?