My daughter was at pony camp this week. She came home, very enthusiastic with a new rosette. I recommended she write the date and the pony’s name on the rosette. All fired up, she found other rosettes and planned a new pin-board for our shed by the stable. In her search, she found a pile of mine with nothing recorded on them. She piled them on the kitchen work-top, scolding me for my sin of omission and giving her instructions.


I found a moment to write what I could re-call. It was a trip down memory lane.

Lest anyone think I was some prolific trophy winner, let me tell you that we are very good to ourselves in the riding club.



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2 responses to “Rosettes

  1. I like your display photo better than when they’re all hanging up in a row!!

  2. They looked so colourful just tossed there that I just had to take a photo.