Without agenda

It takes a certain attitude to hang out with horses.

I think this must be why Carolyn Resnick recommends that you take a book with you when you are ‘sharing territory’ as she terms it. We humans (well this particular one anyway) have such direct-line, focused thinking patterns. I find that even if I mean to chill out up there with the ponies, my mind is hoping for some kind of meaningful encounter.

Well, for some reason this evening I went out into the setting sun with a relaxed mind, a mind the equivalent of Sally Swift’s soft eyes, not focused. I did not care if either Ben or Rosie came near me or stayed away. I loved this evening, the evening light slanting through the trees, the relaxed warmth, the sound of ponies munching grass at the side of the track. I sat on a rock. Ben made his way towards me, found a tasty patch, grazed around it, found a tree bough to position himself against for a scratch, a tree trunk for a serious back scratch, some more grass and together I felt we were genuinely sharing territory, my mind as relaxed and present and casual as his.

When I got up to move away, Ben followed. I moved slowly, dreamily, stopping now and again. Ben was at my shoulder, his breath warm in my ear, matching my mood, my pace and my halts. I heard shorter, lighter strides behind. Rosie following, part of our herd of three this evening.




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6 responses to “Without agenda

  1. Sounds lovely!

    I have the same problem, denying does not take away the fact that somehow I am always hoping for something to happen when being with horses, even though my rational mind knows that it should be all about just being and not expecting anything. Well, then, magically when I am in a hurry and just shortly visit horses, I often feel like they would be willing to share something with me. Maybe because in those moments I am honest, not hoping or expecting something to happen..? 🙂

  2. I have not been here in a long time and just caught up with your posts. How nice that you can turn your horses out on the grass when you get home from work.
    I love the way they approach you when you are with them. Really enjoyed the story of Ben….Rosie is adorable. 2 very sweet ponies.

    • Lori, nice to see you here again. They are two great ponies, although Ben did not look a bit sweet yesterday evening when we brought them to my friend’s place for a holiday. He turned into a stallion!

  3. Lovely time – one of my favorite things to do… 🙂

    • Billie, I am sure it is. Having not previously been able to have horses at home, I appreciate these moments so much. When you go to a livery yard to see your horse, time is always limited and I was always trying to fit in my ride.