My baby started school today. At not yet five, she is over seven years younger than her big sister and feels the difference keenly. Last Saturday her big sister went back to her riding lesson. She spends most of the day at a local riding school, mucking out, tacking up and generally helping along with a host of other girls around her age, under the watchful eye of Claire.  I thought that our youngest would like ride Rosie that day. She loves riding Rosie, who is very kind to her, but on Saturday decided that she wanted to be having a riding lesson too with her sister. “I am giving you a lesson” I said, although, in truth, it is Rosie who teaches. “But I want a lesson with Claire!”

Afterwards, she wanted to help me so I suggested she sweep the stable. She busily swept in silence for a while and suddenly announced: “I am like Cinderella.” “How is that?” “My sister is invited to the lesson and I have to sweep the floor.”

So there you have it: ponies at home: cinderella at home.




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4 responses to “Cinderella

  1. June McIntosh

    Rosie is probably the fairy godmother!

  2. LOL – oh how I relate to this, even though I have one daughter and not two! All I wanted my entire life was to have “ponies at home” – so I’m living my dream. My daughter, who came out of the womb loving ponies, has basically had the dream in her backyard starting very very early in her life. It’s so interesting to see how we both love the horses, love working and being with them, and yet it’s different – to her the chores and the grunge work part of it all is very much melded in with “stuff she has to do” – a la Cinderella – while my experience is that I’m Cinderella at the ball dancing with the prince. 🙂

  3. June, I like the idea of Rosie as fairy godmother.

    Billie, that is it – I am at the ball, and the chores are part of the dance, but for both my girls, my youngest in particular, there is nothing special about keeping ponies at home.

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