Hooves – for the record

Ben’s. Because I only thought to photograph the hooves that Sandra and I made a first attempt at rasping after we had released Rosie. She does not like her hooves lifted and I had not the heart to bring her back for a photography session.

Right front:


Right hind:



Left hind:


Left front:


We barely touched the hooves, but were becoming familiar with the trim and their overall look.

What I notice as I see these last two photos is the almost casual lifting of the left front hoof compared to the sense of strain I seem to feel through the photo of the right hind hoof. Ben is good to lift up his hooves, but he sees no reason why he should then carry their weight. One stocky cob leaning his rather large rear end onto my arms is not joke. I could feel it in my back the next day. A hoof stand will have to be the next purchase.

It was nice to see that this time Ben happily ate all the hay he could during this process and was really quite relaxed about it all.



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3 responses to “Hooves – for the record

  1. June

    Lovely big frogs!

  2. I am using a bucket as a “stool” so I can then let the horses rest their hoof on my leg. It works pretty well, but I too want a hoof jack.

    Agree with June, nice frogs!

  3. I am so glad you like the frogs!

    Yes, a stool might be good too.