What a day


There is nothing to do but dash outside, put fresh haynets under the trees and retreat indoors, admiring the red of a strawberry plant on the way, which glows all the more brightly in the rain.




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  1. June

    Is that a soggy hoofprint?

  2. Love the red leaf! We had two days of rain and are now drying out again – I spent yesterday mostly outdoors with the herd, clearing acorns out of the arena (I raked up 12 or so 20-gallon buckets full!), and working on hooves as needed. Picking them and scrubbing Keil Bay’s.

    Was thinking about your track system too as I was out and about. And oddly (or not) wishing for loads of things like pea gravel, stone dust, etc. Isn’t it wild what we end up wanting? Who ever would have thought my fondest desire on an autumn afternoon would be for a load of gravel?!

    • Goodness, how many oak trees do you have growing by your arena? I have an oak tree in our paddock. You read about acorns not being good for horses, but I have not worried too much about them.

      I know what you mean about wishing for gravel!

      The dentist was out yesterday for Ben and Rosie and she completely got the idea of the track system. She say Ben and Rosie moving off around it when they were released and loved the way they were using their bodies on the hill. She is also a barefoot trimmer and was impressed with both sets of hooves and the surfaces of the track. (As nobody here seems to get my track system, it was satisfactory to hear her remarks. She, of course, is English.)

  3. We have two oak trees by the arena (at H and F) – these were the acorns under the oak at F – and only on the inside (the other side hangs over the back field!

    We actually have a lot of oak trees. I don’t worry too much about them, although if I see horses standing around eating acorns for more than a few minutes, I’ll usually go out with a rake and get rid of that particular pile. We are inundated with them this year – the squirrels can’t possibly keep up, and even the deer eating them is not making a dent. If we had some pigs, we might be in good shape!

    • I love that you have deer visiting. There are deer around here and we will have some sitings if we are lucky as the pheasant shooting season starts and drives them from the local forrest. I have never seen one in our paddock however.