Welcome back

My husband and I were away for the weekend. I come back to Ben and Rosie in the dark, in a storm. I fill haynets, sort stables, feed. I prepare the morning’s haynets and feed. Emerging from the shed I see that Ben has taken the haynet at the edge of the yard, so that Rosie has to wait outside. This is the haynet I push Ben off to let Rosie on. Ben looks at me and slowly shifts his hindquarters towards Rosie, pushing her further back. A challenge! I do not want that challenge in the dark, the wind and the rain. But I know I must answer it. I push Ben off the haynet, he saunters away and looks for a way to come back. My body position and movement keep him away until he finally relaxes and takes another haynet. Rosie meanwhile has quietly approached the haynet and eats.

Yes, welcome back. Any time I need to re-connect with Ben, it is never through touchy-feely stuff like lovely rubs, scratches and such. It is always through a challenge.



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5 responses to “Welcome back

  1. Our pony is that way. He can’t seem to help himself – he challenges the horses the same way too. Funny thing with him is that he pretty instantly backs down if you stand up to him.

    I laugh b/c when we take him off the farm, he’s like a dream pony and everyone says “he’s so sweet!” And he is. But in his comfort zone he has to push a little to make sure the boundaries are still right there.

  2. Meant to add that I have wondered if he has a mistrust of people in general (our pony, not Ben) – or whether this is simply part of how he has a conversation. The longer we live with him the more I think it’s the latter. He reminds me of the personality one sees in people where they always start off a bit prickly but then warm up to being really kind and fun and you forget that prickly initial bit they seem to have to do.

    • You know Billie, your description of your pony sounds just like Ben. Today, someone new was in the paddock and Ben, who was starting to come towards me, saw her and instantly turned his back and started to herd Rosie away. I think it is his default response and, as you say, once past that prickly initial bit, he is great fun and warm and open.

  3. Hi there, just wanting to make contact…I think Mary Concannon is over with you today – I just came across your blog and thought “that has to be the same person.”

    I’ll be looking through your blog later and will be interested to see what you are up to – we are only down the road so we must get together. I’m always keen to share ideas, and to steal some 🙂

    All the best, Maria

    • Hi Maria,

      Welcome! Mary was here today and we had fun. Ben thought it was all a great idea. I am familiar with your website, which is interesting. I started this blog a year ago to document my progress with keeping ponies on a track system. It has of course turned out to be much more, and really focuses on my relationship with Ben and Rosie which is what fascinates me most.