Nighttime habits

…revealed as they await their breakfast: Ben, bone dry, covered in shavings; Rosie: as you can see.  I rubbed her vigorously afterwards and she stood with that stillness only she commands, with just an occasional glance back at me.




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4 responses to “Nighttime habits

  1. Now THAT picture is truly worth a thousand words! Ben!

    • Billie, pity the ponies whose human likes to take photos for a blog! I could not resist that photo and really they were very patient waiting for their breakfast. I do like that photo, as it is so typical of Ben.

  2. June

    so does she stay outside at night by choice?

    • June, I am not quite sure. She is in a stable at some stage during the night. Possibly she gets kicked out by Ben. I put a haynet in each stable and two outside. I would not put it past Ben to hoover up one haynet, go into the other stable to hoover up the second one, kicking Rosie out in the process. On the other hand, I have seen her resting just outside the stable where Ben is resting inside.