I had a headache today; one of those take-you-over headaches that allow for nothing other than going through the motions, waiting it out. It put paid to all my plans for this beautiful, mild winter day. I went out this evening to do teas and haynets. Ben came up. I found myself apologising. He really wants to be doing things now after the recent frozen spell. Yesterday, when I went up to the picadero to check if it had de-frosted, he and Rosie arrived and stood waiting, just outside, with a look of expectation on their faces. Of course, we did some stuff.

But today, after abandoning all plans, I said sorry to Ben and told him that I had a headache. He moved closer, just brushed his muzzle against my forehead and moved away.




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10 responses to “Empathy

  1. June

    Aw, he understood.

  2. I have migraine quite often and sometimes I deside to work with horses with strong medication. My horse is used to see me in such condition an he doesnt fool around as much as usual. I have noticed it’s better than those days I’m tired of work etc. kind of “hyperactive” mode 😉

    • Hello Nina, welcome to this blog. That is interesting that your horse responds to your condition like that. I also have found that when I am “hyperactive” such as over stressed, Ben does not want to come near me.

  3. How wonderful that he brushed your forehead with his muzzle! I hope you’re feeling relief by now – I’ve only had a very few of those kind of headaches in my life and it was totally debilitating.

  4. Did you feel better afterwards 😉

    I know a woman who uses horses to help in her craniosacral therapy sessions. They hone in on areas where there are issues and nuzzle them…..they know more than we give them credit for. 🙂

  5. What a beautiful post!
    Horses have so much to tell us and they truly are wonderful companions if we only give them the chance.
    I am enjoying your blog very much and I put a link on my blog — I hope you do not mind.