I’ll just make myself at home, then

Sunday hack from Sandra’s.


Sandra has a small pen off her yard where, after arriving, we put Ben and Rosie while we have a coffee. They get some hay. Sandra had left a new bale of shavings in the pen ready to open later and spread in Cassie and Minnie’s stables. Ben got there first. When we returned, he had opened that bale, spread it around and rolled.


We had a good ride. It was a beautiful, if cold, day. Our only setback was on one stretch where the road was resurfaced with lots of fresh, small stones. We had to turn back there. But we had some good trots and Ben became more energised with each trot despite his winter coat.

“A hunk of gold covered with a hairy coat” as Hempfling says, describing a Ben-type horse.

Afterwards, he and Cassie rolled in Sandra’s arena


before joining Minnie and Rosie for some fun in the grass.




Peace restored and, later, Ben was even happy to have Minnie between him and Rosie.




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5 responses to “I’ll just make myself at home, then

  1. June

    Clever Ben!

    They are having fun, aren’t they?!

  2. Ben is such a character! I love that photo of the herd running together. It’s so nice that when you take them over, they get a break with hay, and then time in the big field with their friends. That’s how it should be, imo. So many people would leave them tied to the trailer, but you have made it an adventure for THEM too.

    • Billie, I do think its only fair that what is fun for us should be fun for them too, or otherwise we are just using our horses which is never how I want it to be.

  3. June

    How are Rosie’s feet doing?

    • June, I have meant to write a post about Rosie. She has been off the bute for about 10 days and has maintained the progress that she has shown. She is sound on soft footing, even on pea-gravel type surfaces. She is still cautious of her right fore in particular, but I am much less worried about her now. She has lost some topline but I think is coming back in condition again. It helps that the weather has not got so cold again.