It has been so hard to stop, and suddenly, so easy.

I have partial tears in two tendons in my right shoulder. This is an old injury I think, ignored, battled through until pain finally made me go for an MRI. My physio has told me to take sick leave in order to rest it, as without rest I will be facing surgery.

Time off, girls in school, the sun shining, spring on its way. What could be better?

Only it was so hard to do; so hard to ask for time, so hard to cancel my work commitments – so hard in advance. Yet one simple ask, time granted and here I am.

Ben and Rosie just stop when they need. They are in touch with their own energies and they read my energy far better than I do myself.



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9 responses to “Stopping

  1. June

    Oh gosh, Maire, I have a bad right shoulder too! I think it’s a combination of years of bad “use” – including endless pouring of heavy kettles and teapots – and an emergency dismount from George last year, when I landed and fell over onto my shoulder. It’s lasting too long – should be better now – so I’m thinking tearing of some kind maybe – I’m scared to go for an MRI.

    Are you going to get physio?

    Enjoy your time off!

  2. You are very wise to do what you’ve been told and let this heal! Perfect time to just be with Rosie and Ben and see if the equine energy can help move things along…:)

    Sending lots of energy for a complete recovery!!

  3. June

    How long are you expecting to be off?

  4. June

    How’s the shoulder doing? I’m going to the acupuncturist tomorrow for mine.