On stopping

Everything beckons us to perceive it,
Murmurs at every turn, “remember me!”
A day we passed, too busy to receive it,
Will yet unlock us all its treasury.
Rainer Maria Rilke




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4 responses to “On stopping

  1. I love Rilke – that passage goes perfectly with the photo, which is gorgeous. And with being with horses too. Thank you.

    • Billie, the first line of that piece has kept sounding itself in my head. Whilst this time of stopping has been quite busy with family, the act of stepping aside from my “work” has allowed me to slow down and perceive things more. Everyone is responding to this change in energy: the girls are telling me more – or maybe I am hearing them properly – and Ben and Rosie, Ben in particular, seem more open and receptive to me.

  2. June

    Lovely words – lovely photo – thanks!