Riding out

A warm day, and a cob ready for a rest; but a human who had a window of time wanting to interrupt that rest. Which she did. Ben allowed himself to be caught, but did not look eager. However he did very much enjoy the thorough grooming that then took place.


There is more, lots more to come. I circled the rubber curry comb under his belly, continually removing the swirl of hair trapped in the comb. Ben nuzzled my bent head, I could feel his pleasure as some of his thick winter coat was shed.

I rode him up the track to the back gate and so eager was he to go out that he gnawed at the gate and became frustrated at being asked to back to allow the gate open inward. Out we headed at the trot and had such a nice ride. We did a circle lasting an hour and a half, the sun shone, and Ben, after initially looking around, stopping, starting, wandering, being asked to move on again, suddenly sighed, stretched, asked for more rein and walked out with a forward-going, steady rhythm.

When we reached the turn for the familiar rode towards home, he wanted to keep going, on into the unknown. At the back gate, he also wanted to continue on, but time was gone and the school run beckoned.

We stopped for grass at the stream and Ben also discovered some silage spilt on the road which proved irresistable.


The good weather seemed to have affected all the neighbours. Every car, tractor and truck we met stopped for us and some even turned their engines off.

Maybe they were just stunned into good manners by the sight of the middle-aged mum on a hairy cob riding out this morning.



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4 responses to “Riding out

  1. June

    Sounds like a wonderful time!

  2. What a perfect ride – a treat for you and for Ben. I am living vicariously as I read it again!

    • Billie, he enjoyed it every bit as much as I did. Yesterday, when I went to ride again, he came right up to me and popped his nose into the headcollar when I held it out.