Paddock paradise


On a morning like this one it does indeed feel like paradise. We have sunshine, glorious Spring sunshine, with a nip in the air, a breeze, sharp shadows and everywhere fresh, crisp, new growth.


The new growth highlights the tracks that Ben and Rosie have made for themselves within the track system:




The one part of this small Eden that is forbidden is here:


My husband cut this grass yesterday and he said that Ben looked over the fence at him as if he were saying “just what do you think you are doing?” My husband was afraid that Ben might be spooked by the noise of the the ride-on lawnmower; not he.

The nets under the trees are working well and in this weather I can give them hay elsewhere on the track as well, knowing it won’t be rained on. Ben had just started eating from this net when he decided to follow me and my camera around:




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6 responses to “Paddock paradise

  1. Lovely! My horses are roaming their track most of the day, now that they can find tiny green blades of grass along the fence again. It’s spring!
    I like the little rocks in your track and the way your horses made themselves new small tracks in between the rocks :-).
    Don’t you just love paddock paradise?!

  2. June

    There’s something about a track that is just so enticing.

    Dig those hairy legs!

    • June, it is hard to realise that they will be smooth, barring the white feather, come summer time. I noticed from the photo how Ben was indiscriminately walking on rocks and mud. Very encouraging.

  3. Love the photos and the track with all the new growth coming in!