When all you can do is lie down

I have had a summer cold that has turned into a chest infection and lingered, frustratingly, stopping our rides and allowing Ben to grow much too fat. I, fighting against my body, would go up to the paddock full of plans, only to collapse and do nothing. One sunny evening I allowed them into the longer grass for a short while. I lay down to take photographs through the grass. I took photos of Rosie and, enjoying the sensation of grass around me, I rolled in the grass. I looked up. Rosie was rolling too.


This afternoon, having gone into work for the first time and come home after half a day, Ben seemed to sense my gaze on him from the kitchen window. He looked up, eyes bright; “come out” he seemed to say. “I can’t”, I said. “I need to lie down.” I turned away, but looking back through the window I saw Ben lying down.

Togetherness with Ben and Rosie can take many forms.




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2 responses to “When all you can do is lie down

  1. june

    So cool!

    You need a hammock in the paddock!

  2. Oh, this is so beautiful. I’m sorry you’re not feeling well but sometimes we just need to rest and our bodies have a way of making us do so. Take care and enjoy the horses being in tune with you!