Rosie and I

Ben has been the focus of my attention whilst at Sandra’s. Rosie has seemed quite happy, choosing to take space from the other horses and often liking to be within sight of the house. But the other day she asserted herself. I went to catch Ben but it was Rosie who looked up and came towards me. She stopped a distance away and looked at me. “Hello Rosie”, I said, silently. “Next week I promise I will bring my daughter and you can give her a riding lesson.” Rosie continued looking at me, bent her head and licked and chewed. I have said before that I am convinced she understands everything I say. Maybe Ben does too. Maybe I am clearer in my communications with Rosie, our relationship is simpler and maybe my thoughts make clearer pictures. Maybe she trusts me more fully. I have very little agenda with Rosie after all.

Whatever. She came towards me. Beside me, she nuzzled me and then nuzzled Ben’s headcollar, held in my hand. She touched it again with her nose. “Is this what you want?” I said and I held it out. She dropped her nose into it. So, of course, she came in with me, to receive attention, picking out of hooves and time in the yard.

Afterwards, we let all the horses back into the field and I, too casual with closing the gate, allowed Rosie to escape, which she happily did, choosing some time by herself, sampling the verges along the track.


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