Home again


They are home again, and on a strict diet. I will spare Ben’s blushes (and mine) and omit the figure that confronted me when I used the weight tape this morning. There is grass around the track and they can pick at that and I am giving them two hours on paddock grass each day. This morning I groomed Ben thoroughly, removing scurf and hair. His winter coat is well on its way.

I walked him out in hand – a long walk, good for both of us, to stretch our legs and get our heads together again. The first part of our route seemed to be lined with young horses all wanting to greet Ben and bringing out his most stallion-like behaviour. This was good to focus us both and he did focus on me, becoming more relaxed as we walked, striding out, not picking his way but walking over all the roughest of places. On our way back he still walked with me, not looking to eat until he suddenly stopped and put his head down. I asked him to move on, which he did, but as we walked on I realised that he had stopped at a squashed apple in the road. Not to be resisted of course. I turned back and Ben, knowing exactly what I was doing, walked excitedly beside me to his roadside treat.

Time went all too quickly so tomorrow I will groom Rosie thoroughly and put the weight tape around her too.

Having them home means buckets, water, poo-picking and routine; and it is good.



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4 responses to “Home again

  1. Glad to hear they are home again – that big patch of green in the photo looks truly lush, and although you spared us the actual number I see Ben’s might self walking up that hill!

    For us, this time of year is when the pony especially will pack on the pounds. It’s as if he is trying to stock up for winter. Right this moment he is outside my window still grazing after a long night’s turn-out. The others have gone up to the barn anticipating fans and breakfast – he will graze until I call him in, his breakfast tub in one hand where he can see it’s ready!

  2. June

    Did they seem happy to be home again?

    • June, I think so. Ben had to look hard at the new view (our building has changed things at the front of the paddock). But they both follow me around when I am at the yard and come up to me whenever I appear. They seem very chilled and Ben is not being particularly bossy towards Rosie, always a good sign for him.