Nightime noises

It is late. I have been having a long catch-up on the phone with an old friend. I head outside and – the stars are out. For once there are breaks in the clouds and the immensity of our galaxy arches overhead and brings up that sense of awe and wonder that only darkness, silence and a night sky can. I use the light of the stars to show me to the stables and leave the lights off as I put buckets in each. They come up silently behind me, surprising me.

I linger outside their open doors as they eat. A bucket scrapes fitfully against the floor – Ben’s. Munch, move, pause; munch, move, pause, look out. From Rosie’s stable comes a constant munching, head never raised as every scrap in that bucket is eaten.

I open up some grass. Ben, finished first, comes out to stand beside me. I stride towards the grass, through the opening and further up, hoping that my momentum will carry him with me, so that Rosie can finish her bucket in peace and that Ben will not pause, as he usually does, barring the way to the grass until he has had his fill. It does carry him with me, surprising him I think, so that he does not put his head down to this new grass until I have stopped. Through the starlight I see Rosie’s silhouette, her head is down too. The night is full of the sound of tearing grass. The air is cold on my face. They say it will be another hard winter. I leave them to it and come inside.



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6 responses to “Nightime noises

  1. Beautiful, thanks for sharing! You have a way of describing the atmosphere that makes me feel as if I was there with you and your horses.

  2. Love the sense of the universe above and around you in the night. Yesterday I worked much of the day in the front field and ended up with a small brush pile and a number of fallen branches that needed to be burned. Just as night fell I was sitting by the fire. Salina and the donkeys came to the barn door to make sure everything was okay, and the geldings filed by in their paddock to check too. Dickens the cowboy cat stood by me and then stationed himself in a clearing where he seemed to be luring bats to swoop at him at which point he leaped in the air trying to catch them. It felt like this might be a game they play regularly. It was very peaceful. And watching the fire, I realized how mesmerizing it is. I imagine before TV and internet and all the distractions we have today, people sat and watched fires.

  3. Hi Maire
    I stumbled over your blog today. Love it. You’ve got a really nice writing style. I’m looking forward to working my way through it over the next couple of days too and seeing how you coped with the horrors of last winter!
    I’m also really interested in barefootedness, but it’s not an option for our horses at the moment (you’ll see why if you look at our blog, on, google wanderlywagons if you’re interested) but maybe next Spring when I get back home I’ll look into it seriously.
    Your Ben is a little like my Flurry in build 🙂