Pleasures of anticipation

I am sitting in our enlarged, brighter kitchen. The french doors are open and the sun shines on the peagravel laid outside on what will be a patio. Spring is here. The house is silent and I can hear the birds. Alice sleeps on a cushion nearby. Ben and Rosie are still at the lake, looking trimmer now as they have eaten most of what’s there. They come home on Tuesday evening. Next week is a two day working week for me so I will have every hour of the school day of Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to be with them. I can’t wait.

Doing my grocery shop this morning I found myself thinking of all the things I would like to do with them. Here they are ‘in no particular order’ as they say on the x factor:

  • Keep weight off (all of us).
  • Have fun.
  • Give Rosie more time – she is loving clicker work so develop that into some tricks.
  • Find a way to become irresistible to Ben – I am hoping that the use of the clicker will help me here. He is well able to let me know if that is not what he wants.
  • Use music in my pea gravel picadero – I sense some Bach for Ben, or Telleman, maybe some clarinet or oboe, something with a rhythm and gravity. Rosie is possibly a Mozart kind of pony.
  • Use ideas from Linda Tellington’s playground of higher learning in the picadero.
  • Explore ways to address Ben’s trauma memories – possibly mouth t touches, and ride the one route that he does not like with someone on the ground, leading.
  • Change my attitude towards Ben from dominance thinking to offering direction and mutual leadership.
  • Trust my instincts.
  • Be more silent around them.
  • Look smart when we ride out – which really means try and be mud free.
  • Do something with them every day, just chilling out with them is good.
  • Have fun.


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4 responses to “Pleasures of anticipation

  1. Sounds like you’ve got a great list to follow once they’re home. I’m sure they’re going to appreciate all the extra attention they’ll be getting. The music seems a good idea too. Glad to hear someone has nice weather, we got snow last night. Not much, just enough to be annoying.

    • Arlene, we have managed this year to avoid all the snow and ice that the rest of Europe has recently faced. Spring has come early to us, we even had daffodils open in January.

  2. Wonderful idea list for all of us! I occasionally open my bedroom (writing desk is in here too, and desktop) window and play music for the horses and pony and donkeys, who often congregate outside my window. I still have not managed to get music in the arena, although I think of it regularly and have sourced speakers that we could plug our iPod into… Ben might surprise you with his music preferences. I always imagined Keil Bay would be a classical music horse but he vastly prefers rock, and used to change the radio station dial with his nose when he could get to it. 🙂 And the pony, who I’d imagined would like rock, pins his ears to it and relaxes to classical. So funny. Can’t wait to read the posts that come from your days off next week – enjoy, enjoy!!