Some tack photos

I have stored an excessive amount of photos on my laptop and am doing a spring clean. I have come across these two possibly worth posting as regards tack and equipment:

Ben enjoying his Micklem bridle on the second bitless setting – where the reins are attached to a leather curb strap:


The Trail hoof boots failing at the first serious test – we rode into a stream and then up a small bank:




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2 responses to “Some tack photos

  1. June

    What’s your verdict on the bitless Micklem?

    • June, its ok. It has three positions, one is a basic sidepull, one has a leather ‘curb’ type strap under the chin and one is a crossover (kind of like Dr Cook’s). Ben does not respond well to a Dr Cook’s (he is far too sensitive to poll pressure) so I have not tried the Micklem version. The sidepull felt quite crude. I like his response with the chin strap, except that the thicker leather part tends to get caught under his jaw. It does not slide along easily.

      I ride Ben out on a loose rein and rarely ever take a contact, unless it is with one rein. And Ben himself genuinely does not seem to react any differently to a bitless or bitted bridle. He puts his head into a bitless bridle and with a bitted bridle, sucks the bit into his mouth. Ben just loves to go out for a ride! The major advantage of the bitless that I can see is that Ben can eat grass unimpeaded. Not that a bit stops him!

      I have tried adding a bit to the Micklem bridle, as I do like the overall shape of the bridle on Ben’s head, but it is fiddly and I have not got it right yet.

      The Micklem also functions as a lungeing cavesson which can be useful. I only bought it as it was on a big discount at the Dublin Horse Show a couple of years ago.