Blogging revisited

It seems a while ago now that I tentatively started this blog, writing into an anonymous ether, describing the delights of a journey keeping ponies at home. Looking back, there was a purity and freshness about what I wrote as I was writing for myself. Gradually some readers found me and I have enjoyed reading their blogs and their comments and responding to their comments. But, recently, blogging has dried up for me and I miss it, for I find writing a creative act and it allows me have memories of moments – wonderful, tragic, ordinary – some of which would have slipped from my memory by now.

As in all of life, so it is in horse-keeping: many opinions arise, debates and discussions about how best to be with horses – fascinating stuff and not what I am about. I like to write about my own experience with the pony in front of me in a given moment, as well as documenting some of the journey of keeping ponies on a small track system. I have found myself too aware of these opinions that are out there as I write and there is a filter within which has blocked my creative flow.

So, I am going to experiment. I am turning off comments on this blog for a while to see if I can recapture the freshness and spontaneity I used to experience as I wrote. I will continue to visit the blogs I have always enjoyed and I will miss some of the conversations I have had here I am sure, but hopefully writing will start to flow for me again.


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