New Year

I have taken an unintended long break from this blog.  A few weeks ago some gremlins managed to eat not one but two posts, posts in which I had detailed my struggles and anxieties over Cloud’s hooves.  So I lost heart.

Here I am with a new blog editor to try and I will put this post out as a way of sending New Year’s greetings to all who keep ponies at home in the winter time.  For some, you may battle ice and snow.  Here in the west of Ireland we battle rain and storms.





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  1. Best wishes for a very happy and healthy New Year!
    It does look miserable there in the winter but it looks miserable here too. We’ve got mud one day, ice the next, maybe snow maybe rain. And record breaking cold temps too. So winter anywhere but in warmer climates seems to be not ideal for any of us I guess.