A new pony

My goodness, such a long time since a post.  I have a funny feeling that this blog – Ponies at Home – lost its heart when Rosie died.

I have re-homed Cloud, it took me about one year longer than I should have to make this decision.  When my older daughter lost interest in riding him, I stuck with him, all my principles and wishes zoned in on keeping him with us.  Despite the fact that the sheer practical effort of managing him was very difficult, despite the fact that Ben, horse of my heart, was not a happy horse under Cloud’s very dominant and restrictive hoof (colic, loss of condition, looking old and depressed), despite the fact that Cloud himself clearly needed a big herd environment and EXERCISE to combat his metabolic issues, I stuck with Cloud.

Maybe I took on his sadness as my own.  Maybe he was the pony I would have loved at age 11 years, when my mother first brought me to Mrs Elliot from Germany, in a field (long since a housing estate) in suburban South Dublin and where I was not allowed off the lead rein until I could do rising trot on Sunshine without stirrups.

For whatever reason, energy shifted and one day in September I saw my way clearly at last.  Cloud is now living in a herd, in a pen by day, in fields by night, with lots of ponies, used lightly and proving reliable as ever cantering across fields.  I have visited him.  He came up to me, sniffed my hands and licked them as he used to do and seemed relaxed.

Ben’s new companion?  I visited a local rescue centre, having chosen what I thought of as a Rosie type from their photographs.  We walked through a field of horses and ponies of all shapes and sizes, such an aura of sadness around, and out of the corner of my eye a small, stocky black and white cobby type drew me in. His name is Bobby Bright Morning Star and he lives with us now.  Incredibly sweet and gentle, he has come out of his very frightened  shell, his eye has brightened, his whole face has opened up and Ben, once again, is The Man, pride restored, peace restored in the paddock and all is well.

Some March photos:



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2 responses to “A new pony

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about Rosie. I don’t remember when she passed on but it’s always so hard to lose the ones we love. I’m glad Cloud found a good home and that you can visit him sometimes. It seems like you made a good decision all around. Your new Bright Star (Bobby?) looks like a sweet guy. If Ben is comfortable with him and you’re all happy that’s what counts. Enjoy your new boy,