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Living in a horse family

We had family around to celebrate my husband’s birthday. My elder daughter set the table in the courtyard. Note how she weighed down the pile of paper napkins: my husband cannot escape from horses on even an occasion such as this.




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Happy Easter

The ponies’ Easter egg was a swede, halved in their feed buckets this morning. That kept them happily munching for quite a while. Ben always keeps an eye on me as I prepare the feed.


I also let them at grass, cautiously but there is very little growth yet. Rosie has not yet joined Ben at this grass: it took him about half an hour to allow her in.


An Easter egg of a different kind:


We overlook a very beautiful lake and our section of the lake frontage was grazing for the ponies last autumn. This is how it looked from the top of the track on Easter Sunday morning:


Much earlier, just after 5am, I headed out in the dark with my eldest daughter to the ruined church and graveyard that is further down the road and also overlooks this lake. There we joined an Easter vigil mass in the cold and dark, with dawn breaking, the stars gradually disappearing, the first birds starting to sing and our neighbours gathered around.

A kind aunt gave her youngest niece an Easter duck to decorate.



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Interlude for tea and cakes

There is a chocolaterie in Paris on the Isle St Louis called La Charlotte en l’Isle. They serve tea in heavy cast iron tea pots which look as if they should be rubbed to bring up a genie. Tea with a tarte au citron listening to the piano on a Friday evening in that small little place is one of my favourite Paris memories. In memory of this my sister gave me this teapot for Christmas and on a quiet frozen day what better thing to do than bake, not an elegant tarte au citron but butterfly cakes as requested by my youngest daughter?


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