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Making me think

I do like a book that makes me think and Beyond the Dream Horse by Michael Belivacqua is doing just that. I had come across this book through different blogs, but had felt a touch of reluctance to read it, due to the author being involved with the NHE. I have a prejudice against the NHE, probably unfairly. It is not because they preach not riding your horse, it is because of style and presentation I think. Anyway I decided to challenge myself by reading it as, often when I feel an instantaneous reaction against something, that something proves worth investigating.

This book is worth investigating. The author doesn’t preach, but just tells his own story with horses, his journey away from traditional methods and some key points of change for him. It took me a while to adjust to his style of writing, which felt a bit disjointed to me, but when I got into it, the book was a page turner such as I have not read for a while. What kept me turning the pages was his focus on his horses and his gradual letting go of all that he had known in the face of his real encounters with these horses.

I think that I respect Ben and Rosie as equal partners in our relationship, but this books makes me think about that, about the quality and quantity of the time I spend with them, of the times when I do insist on my agenda and, most importantly, of the times when I am not really present, either with my mind or energetically.

It also makes me think about what they give to me. What they show me when my mind has slowed down enough to receive it is intelligence, sensitivity and perception and, above all, a complete opening to and welcoming of me.




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