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A summer evening

This evening we brought Ben and Rosie down to the lake front to graze the grasses and wild herbs there.


They are familiar with it from last Autumn, so Ben did not need to gaze, astonished, at the lake but put his head down to the grass immediately. Rosie went first for some hazel leaves. In a book I have, hazel is listed as being a good remedy for blood tonics/laminitis and organ cleansing. How interesting, given her laminitic history.

Mint is listed as being good for respiratory problems. I wonder if they will eat any of the mint that grows so profusely around this lake every summer. Our older neighbours tell us of the time that water was drawn from the lake for the surrounding houses and how in summer water from the kettle tasted like mint tea.

How different the greens look to the camera depending on the direction I am facing:





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The farmers tell us that grass growth is about seven weeks behind what is normal for this time of year and it is because of the lack of grass that we are seeing so many dandelions. I may dread the price of hay this year but I can take advantage of the dandelions. Today was hot and sunny and the garden was calling for some overdue attention. In my weeding I kept the dandelions to one side and added about one plant to each bucket of feed this evening:


Yes, they liked them:


Alice keeps me company whenever I am out of doors:


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