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“A giant 3D jigsaw puzzle”

So said my older daughter as we struggled to stack the 100 plus bales of hay in the new hay shed having moved them from the second stable. We did it, cleaned the stable, put in lovely, fluffy pink shavings and waited for a reaction from the ponies.


We got one, but not what I expected. Ben saw the open stable. He came up to inspect. He sniffed from outside, backed away and shot Rosie a look from 20 metres that sent her galloping and bucking across the grass. He turned and galloped after, skidding to a lovely, muddy, tearing-up-the-ground stop before rolling.

Rosie had her tea in that stable, but by the time I came in at dusk, neither had voluntarily gone in.




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The leader


I have one stable free for the ponies. I leave the door open at all times except when Rosie needs peace to eat her feed. When Ben wants Rosie out of the stable, he enters, and she leaves fairly smartly. This evening, after their feed, Ben took over the stable for a rest. Rosie went over to the trees. After a while she called to Ben who ignored her. She moved towards the stable and called again, moved closer and called yet again. Ben came out. Rosie led the way up the track, Ben followed, not pushing her from behind, but following. She led the way up to the top where they rested.


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